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Since 1967, the Executives Breakfast Club has tapped into the heart and soul of leadership. Through conversations with leading executives, we’re getting personal and exploring the significant, often difficult experiences that forge true leaders and build strong character. Join us on the second Friday of each month from October through May at the Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook, Illinois.

  • When you get to the CEO level it doesn't matter whether you are right, it matters if people trust you to make the right decision.
    Lisa Wardell
    CEO, Adtalem
  • I've never seen a club like the EBC. It's fuel for my business spirit. Every time I walk out I am happy and uplifted.
  • The connections I've built here are deep and have been long lasting. It's wonderful to be supported and learn from other great professionals here!
  • The EBC is where I meet my 'business family' in an inspiring environment. I love coming here.
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Roy Spencer

October 11, 2019

Roy Spencer

Founder & President of Perma-Seal
Roy Spencer was born in Valparaiso, Indiana. After answering an ad, he was hired, given a shovel and told to “manage this.” He rose to the challenge. However, Roy was unhappy with the “patch now, service later” approach. He built his own company dedicated to providing affordable, permanent repairs to homeowners struggling with wet basements.
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The Executives Breakfast Club is where Chicago’s leading business minds unite to evoke, expand, and exemplify the principles of transformational leadership to be better people and business professionals in an inviting, warm, and accepting environment. Ethical people make ethical leaders, and ethical leaders improve the world.

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