Cooking Up Business Insight with Doris Christopher, Founder of the Pampered Chef

Some lessons from our November guest, Doris Chsitopher, Founder of the Pampered Chef:

  • Have confidence in the leader who is taking over – succession is easier when you have trust!
  • Put the business first; it is not about you. You’re serving the higher purpose of the business mission.
  • Never set up employee promotions and contests where only one person can win. It becomes a disincentive instead of an incentive program.
  • Diverse teams with a variety of skill sets are vital to success.
  • Don’t fixate on what holds you back. Focus on how you can be more effective because of what you have and who you are.
  • Hold on to your faith and family. You will not feel fulfilled in a job that asks you to choose between your life and your work.
  • Collaboration is so important. Otherwise you’re subscribing to a very narrow bandwidth.
  • Don’t expect people to do things you think are beneath you. Doris has worked in every role in her company.
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