HP’s Head of Strategy & Plans: Dean Campbell

On April 8th, the Executives Breakfast Club was proud to welcome Dean Campbell, the Head of Strategy and Plans for Hewlett-Packard. We were honored to hear Mr. Campbell speak candidly about his successes and mistakes, and were fortunate to glean some valuable lessons from the conversation.

1) When thinking of integrity, people often imagine it on the percentage basis. I have integrity in 95% of my life and, therefore, can allow myself a lack of integrity in just this 5%. When it comes to leadership, integrity is binary. Followers will not ask what percentage of this leader’s life was honest and ethical. They will only ask, “Did he or she have integrity, yes or no?”

2) As leaders, we need to be creating a culture where the next great idea can emerge. To create this context for innovation, we must create an environment where people are not penalized but given incentive to take risks to create something new. Every manager says he or she promotes creativity, but think back to who was given the raise? Was it the person who tried something new and perhaps failed, or was it the person who was consistent but safe?

3) It is not enough to design an excellent product or service. You must also market it excellently.

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