Lessons from David Bere, CEO of Nonni’s Foods

We were delighted to host David Bere, CEO of Nonni’s Foods and former CEO of Dollar General, for breakfast in October. Here are some highlights from breakfast:

A sense of mission in a company and the feeling that there is opportunity help fuel passion in employees.

Sometimes grwoing too fast can make you forget about basic, fundamental principles.

Leading a high profile company is a rush! The idea that the world is watching is terribly exciting!

The hardest decisions to make for a leader always center around people. Leading people in a major corporation and in a small business means you meddle in people’s lives.

“A lot of times you don’t have the choice to make a decision, but you certainly have the choice how you make the decision.”

Sometimes the people you need to get through a certain period are the ones you need to be without to conitinue moving in the right direction.

80% of criticism is legitimate. Use the 24 hour rule before reacting.

The best way to diffuse criticism is to ask more questions.

For teams to work you need to make sure the right people are in the right roles.

When hiring, look for people who have passion. If you care you can develop the skills you need.

Sometimes you’re a leader and sometimes you’re a follower. The key is to know when to be which.

There are three things in life that are important: work, family, and golf and you can only be really good at two of them.

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