Mike Evans on Hiring

The EBC was fortunate to welcome Mike Evans, Founder of Grubhub.com to breakfast last week. Mike graduated from MIT in 2000 and moved to Chicago to work for Apartments.com where he came to understand the value of lead generation Internet Advertising.  In 2004 Mike wrote the first version of Grubhub.com. The company’s rapid growth since then has led to five rounds of investment funding, totaling $84.1 million.

Over the next couple of weeks I will share brief takeaways from our chat with Mike.

We asked Mike what he looks for when hiring and he gave us a very short list: 1) The applicant must be passionate about something. Whether it’s bowling, reading, tv, work, or family, a new hire at Grubhub must have the capacity to feel passion. 2) The applicant must be an expert in his or her domain. How can you tell? If you’re hiring someone to program, ask them to write code. If you’re hiring someone for HR, ask them to mediate a workplace conflict, if you’re hiring someone for sales, don’t call them back.


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