Takeaways from Julie Yurko, President and CEO of Northern Illinois Food Bank

Executives Breakfast Club

Terrific Executives Breakfast Club event this past Friday morning! Over 100 business leaders united to hear about transformational leadership from the personal stories of Julie Yurko, President & CEO of the Northern Illinois Food Bank!

A Few Takeaways

“We all have special needs, some are documented by doctors and some are not.” We have to remember that everyone is dealing with different issues, including ourselves. Let’s all try not to focus on what is wrong, but more so how can we better ourselves, and learn from our needs – and help those around us in ways that we can with their needs.
– Olivia Sorokes, Paul Gregory Media

I found it interesting that many leaders have a coach to help with their own leadership growth and accountability. It’s always great to get some outside feedback on areas you can improve.
– Julie Poulos, Red Caffeine

When times get tough, accept and think about finding the blessing in it.
Mary Kay Slowikowski, Slowikowski & Associates

It’s important for each leadership team member to have 2-3 personal development goals that are shared w/the rest of the leadership team—so they can help!
– Jim Kales, Aspire

Inspiring people: Communicate in a way that the option of NOT following the vision is unfathomable. Articulate vision clearly.
– Alla Ioffe, Executives Breakfast Club

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